The augmented reality digital retrospective based on the world touring exhibition

Mobile Design
Augmented Realty Design

ROLE: UX/UI Researcher + Designer

DURATION: 2 months | July 2018 - August 2018

CLIENT: Planeta 



Available now via Google Play & the App Store!!



Over the summer of 2018 while interning at Planeta
I had the privilege to be chosen to create the foundation for the user interface and user experience design of the official augmented reality adaptation of the world touring retrospective exhibition of David Bowie
Through the use of 3-D scanning technology, the app allows you to explore the full exhibition from your mobile device without the glass barriers or suffocating crowds. 


How do we create an app that not only embodies the magic of the physical exhibition, but which also makes new technology (AR) easy to understand and use for Bowie fans of all backgrounds? 
This project was focused on designing an augmented reality exhibition which matched the experience of walking through the physical one.  It needed to work intuitively for fans of all ages, providing quite the obstacle since AR is not a technology which is widely used among most mobile device owners. 



Throughout the course of the research I conducted it became clear that across all boards the most important focus to have when designing an interface for AR is simplicity, in addition to having compassion for the user. 
Creating an environment that allows them to engage and play in ways that may feel intuitive to them and having navigation that doesn’t conflict or disrupt the user’s level of immersion within the app (something that actually happens much to frequently, often to the detriment of any given VR app) – it also seemed important for users to have an easier way to transition between the AR presentation of the work in the physical space they were currently inhabited versus having something a little more sedentary or gallery style (so that they might still wander through the exhibition without physically having to walk around). Having a knowledge and familiarity with 3-scanning software and the coding language used to develop the app in addition to working closely with the team of developers was also essential to coming up with the final design. 

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