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Monitoring Manila's Traffic Epidemic

Establishing a mobile application that will help researchers accrue documentation from citizens of Manila detailing their experience of what is currently one of the world's worst traffic epidemics

Design Research 
HCI Research

ROLE: UX/UI designer + researcher

DURATION: 4 months | Feb 2019 - May 2019 (present)

TEAM: Ari Daly, Robert Managad, Junwoo Cheong, Julie Choi

CLIENT:  Noah Therault



How can we create an app that makes it simple for research volunteers to submit various kinds of data documenting their daily traffic travel experiences, while also discouraging them from dropping off?
In Spring semester of 2019, a team of fellow designers and myself have been tasked with the design of an app intended to be used for gathering research data as part of a project led by Noah Therault in order to document and empower citizens of Manila who are all too often ignored by diplomats in the midst of one of the most extreme traffic crises the world faces. 


This project was centered around designing an augmented reality exhibition which matched the experience of walking through the physical one.  It needed to work smoothly and intuitively for fans of all ages, providing quite an obstacle since it uses such new technology. 
After quite a bit of research, I discovered five points in need of resolve... 



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