Fit Journey

Collaborating with AEO to re-define the process of returns & exchanges

Service Design

ROLE: Researcher + Designer

DURATION: 3 months | Oct 2018 - Dec 2018

TEAM: Jerry Cai, Harley Chang, Carol Cheng, Zhuoni Yang

CLIENT: American Eagle Outfitters 



How can we flip the (bad) experience of returns & exchanges so that it creates value for not only AEO,
but for their customers as well? 
During Fall of 2018, while in class at  Carnegie Mellon University
We had the privilege to be chosen to develop service design innovations for American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) with regards within the problem space of returns & exchanges (something of a painpoint for all stakeholders) which we then were lucky enough to pitch to AEO executives at the end of the semester.


After in-depth research on the current AEO R&E experience from both the customer end, and the employee end; we came up with the idea of expanding the shopping process by post-posing the payment time.
The shopping experience ends with payment, and at the moment returns and exchanges is a band-aid for when that process goes awry. 
We postpone the payment time so that it includes the return & exchange process inherently; in doing so, we eliminate the concept of returns and allow instead for people to "recycle" what they don't want, and only pay for what they would like to keep.



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