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Fit Journey

Collaborating with AEO to replace returns & exchanges with a new service innovation. 

Course-based Client Project         Fall 2018



Over the course of the fall semester at CMU,  we were paired with AEO sales reps in order to design a service innovation with the intention of implementing it as a part of their business. 
Our team zeroed in on the issues AEO and various other retail companies seem to have across the board; returns & exchanges.  In short, after extensive research our solution was to get rid of the idea of returns & exchanges altogether (seeing it as a "band-aid" for the real issue, customer satisfaction). With FitJourney, customers can select the clothes that they want to try online for free, and "recycle" whatever items they decide not to keep by dropping them off in stores. At the end of the month the customer is then automatically charged only for what they've kept. 
This solution saves the time and reduces frustrations on behalf of both customers, and associates. 
My Role
illustrator & UX designer, 
researcher, ideator
Wireframing, Protoyping, Design Research, Concept Mapping, Stakeholder Diagramming, 
Service Design
Yi (Carol) Cheng
Harley Chang 
Jerry Cai
Zhuoni Yang
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